We come with power, information, expertise, experience and the ability to analyze and solve problems. We can show you how and where your food and labor costs are too high and out of alignment with the industry. We can show you how to improve your sales and marketing function. We know how to boost your sales. We are knowledgeable in computers and technology. Today technology plays a huge part in restaurant operations. Let us have a chance to improve your operations. Let us in the door. Let us help you grow your financial net worth and improve your current financial planning goals, targets and rate of success. We want you to achieve your financial goals. We have national awards for our financial planning abilities.

We can identify your needs, find out what is holding you back with your success and show you the way to improve your operations. We can assist your management team in working better as a team to accomplish the same goals and objectives that your board of directors has established as the path to success and accomplishment in the future. Do you want your restaurant group to GROW? Now is the time to take action, call us for a FREE consultation in your office, or take us out to lunch, we are happy to meet you, talk with you and you can learn that we are fun to be around. We can help your organization become more productive. We can solve the problems of your office and see that you have training programs, proper sexual harassment training programs, compliance standards and food safety measures that will help protect your organization from legal problems in the future. We can turn any group into providers of 5 star service.

We can analyze your restaurant operations, study your marketing, purchasing and delivery systems, review your computer and technology needs, organize your office and record keeping systems, meet with your management team and help them work better together. We can provide your banker with reports and information they may need. We can monitor the health and needs of your organization and be at the forefront of your real estate acquisitions. Management consultants are the marines of the business consulting industry. When large companies want grow, expand or sell to Japan or China they call in the management consultants to pave the way and make ready their channels of communication and distribution. Let us take you to the next level.

Canberra Company

We  are tax experts that have turned to operations to help improve our clients businesses. what is spades plus We are thorough, precise and diligent in our pursuits of our clients happiness. We can analyze your operations and give you feedback that will help you out perform the competition. Most restaurant groups have said that they learned more in 10 minutes from us than they have learned from their current advisors in the last five years. Your organization needs sharp tax people, we have them. Your management team needs to be spruced up and your operations need to execute with precision, we can help. We are happy friendly people. Give us a call and we will come meet you in your office and explain to you how we can help your

Pybrum is a tax specialist who branched out into business operations, management teams, management structures and business growth strategies to help client businesses grow rapidly. With over 30 years of business experience in helping businesses succeed, Pybrum is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in business administration and MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Steve and his wife live in Montecito, California and they both enjoy the gym, golf, tennis and other outdoor activities.

Steve Pybrum CEO