Time to Hire a CEO

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You will need to have a management team so that you can grow your concept beyond 4 units.  For the 4 units that you were able to puzzle together you many have to hire professional restaurant managers.

These people come fire tested. They have been educated and trained and lived in a restaurant organization as they grew professionally thru the ranks. They are now available to run your baby, the business you started and grew from the ground up.

Founders have a difficulty allowing professional management to take over or take part. They have the fictional belief they can do it all themselves. If they try then the next thing that happens is the business stalls. Airplane talk for you ain’t going forward at all.  The business gets to a point where it cannot grow any further. After some time the owner discovers that they have build themselves a headache. The next step in the business life cycle is the company gets purchased by a private equity firm.

The private equity firm runs the company. The first thing they do is hire a professional management team. The team runs the company. Five years later the private equity company sells the company for 10 or more times than the price the purchased the company for.

Consider this Model

Here are the numbers. 4 restaurant units sell for let’s say $2 million

Private equity firm takes over. They expand the business to 300 stores in 36 months.

Year 5.  Private equity sells what they purchased for $350 million…that is how it works.

The $350 million is 175 times the price they purchased the company for.

This is the reality of multiple location restaurant units.

Your net earnings/profit on $350 million of sales are  $24,500,000 per year.

Numbers like these are worthy of working toward.

If you are educated and trainable and agree to take some brush up courses, then Canberra Company can groom you to be a member of your own management team and reap this same benefit with conventional financing. Now comes the question? How would you like to earn a profit of $24,500,000 per year?

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Private equity firms are quick to hire management consultants because they know the value of having trained eyes from the outside come in a take a look. The consultants can make recommendations as to what to do to straighten out the company so that it will grow and prosper.

There are many different kinds of management positions that are available at the top 50 restaurant groups in the United States. At what point can you move over and let the professionals take over, or can you? To stand in the way will hinder your growth. Your restaurant group will not perform as well, it will not grow as well and overall it will not do as well.

It’s a business decision. You have to come to understand your limitations. You have to be able to get out of the way of progress and future growth.

When you look to hire a charismatic CEO one with a good education, leadership skills, a person that is good with people, good at pulling people together to accomplish a common goal.

When you hire a CEO you will have to pay a CEO. The average restaurant CEO earns $7 million per year plus bonuses and plus stock options. Lets just stick to the base salary of $ 7 million.


Per Quarter           $1,750,000


Per month             $583,333


Per hour                $  2,991


So if you are reading this, stay in school and become a CEO. The job comes with challenges and headaches. Requires you to see the future and make small course corrections to get the company back on track to achieve higher sales and higher earnings.

Canberra Company trains CEO’s so we know the regimen, the details, the requirements and what the CEO has to do to properly perform. We are the brains who have the CEO’s back.

The point is you can hire Canberra Company on a part time or quarterly basis to show you anavar tablet how to be the CEO of you own Company. You can have Canberra Company act as your part time or quarterly CEO for a fraction of the $ 583,333 you would have to pay a full time CEO.

We have proven over and over again having fresh eyes and manpower come in from the outside, these people can see things that need to be done to fill the holes and spot the things that are not being done.

Having this training and prospective makes it easy for us to spot problems that full time employed management can not see because they are there in the business on site. This can be blinding to most managers. They are too close to the business and cannot stand back, spot the problems and then swiftly fix the problems.


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