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Restaurant consulting is an exciting field of study. Steve Pybrum is the head of the where to buy real steriods restaurant consulting division of Canberra Company an international management consulting firm and a Premiere Restaurant consulting firm.

The company’s restaurant background consists of fine dining establishments. Multi national chain store restaurants, casual dining multi-unit operations, fast food from 4 to 20,000 store restaurant groups. The company has worked with private equity firms and the nations largest banks to secure financing for growth and expansion.

Anyone owning a single unit restaurant is not going to make much but a meager living until they branch out and establish multiple units of their star food. They cannot expand because they feel they are the star pizza and pasta maker and need to man the stove, because no one else can do this.

If they want to expand, they must expand by leaving the stove and going to their office then they must begin focusing on serving the customer’s needs. Oh, so many restaurateurs do not understand this simple principle.

Consultants cringe when called by a single unit operator because it is sometimes frightening to learn of their current plan and to listen to how they are going to expand is more frightening. Many of these people have been trained as cooks at some impressive domestic and international schools. They have POS systems that perform 100 functions, they know how to operate two of the functions

In business there are good mechanics for your car, but a good mechanic is not going to operate his business very well if they have no business background, training or know how. Good mechanics do not necessarily make good owners of car repair facilities.

It is the same with a restaurant owner. If you are a good chef then automatically you are not a good business person. This is lesson one that a good consultant has to get out into the open and convey to the restaurant owner.

Over the years I have heard a lot of disaster stories. Chefs as single unit operators and school teachers as single unit operations. These two groups and very difficult to groom for top management of their own eating establishment.

There are two groups of people and then a lot of other people from different stories and backgrounds. In a restaurant you have a restaurant owner that knows how to cook or you have an owner that made an investment with hopes they could pull off restaurant ownership by hiring a chef. Many of these people would rather go down with the ship, have their year after year losses drive them out of business rather than hire and actually pay a restaurant consultant.

The task of Canberra Company is to groom the company’s management into top management people by training them to use the top restaurant techniques, systems and procedures that have long been established as the mark of a well run restaurant operation that can achieve 4 or more star service and 4 or more star food quality.

When we go into a casual dining facility with 48 locations, we know that we are going to meet with a polished management team hungry for help and information. We know that they have a plan that can work, it might need some fine tuning, but they have a plan that will work in business. It is so nice to work with these people because they have the desire to listen, the want to learn and they want to know what they need to adjust to take themselves to the next level.

Then some of our engagements are working with the CEO, chief executive officer of a restaurant group. They cannot be out in all 2000 stores, they have to manage from headquarters, people and profits. The restaurant business is a people management business by someone that has proven leadership skills.

We help these people develop short and long term plans that will take the company in a positive direction. We can spot the CEO that wants to do year after year the exact same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

Anyone that has worked in management past the year 2000 knows that change is a constant. Technology is king in the restaurant business. The customers need to have their needs met. You cannot continue serving the same old food to people that want more modern recipes and heathier food.

Canberra Company is a quality restaurant consulting firm. When we invade your facility, you can rest easy that we will get to the bottom of where the problems are and surface with a report that you can work from to better your business.

Give us a call we would love to be of service to you, call 805-962-1040, today.

Canberra Company are tax experts that have turned to operations and have mastered the systems and procedure of a well run business enterprise. You are going to meet a high quality consultant that has a multi faceted background trained to help meet your needs,